Series H LED Canopy Light For Gas Station In South Africa

The petrol station lighting project we did in South Africa in 2020 used our H series module designed led canopy light. The customer was very satisfied with the result which can save up to 90% energy compared to conventional solutions.
As we know, the safety and comfort in the gas stations are very important. Customer feedback that every driver who comes to this gas station gives high comments about the lighting effects.
Till now we didn’t receive any quality issues from the customer, the lumen output is still very high and drivers are still very steady which lowers their maintenance cost and less worry to replace lamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Light is often mounted on a pole and is one of a sequence of lights along a public street or highway.

“Depending on whether they are lighting a residential area, main road, or town center, the lamps used in streetlights vary in both size and power consumption (usually between 35 and 250 Watts)” It is commonly believed that the average wattage of a streetlight is approximately 80 watts.

Street lighting has a number of significant advantages. It can be used to promote security in metropolitan areas and enhance the quality of life by artificially extending daylight hours to allow for more activity. Additionally, street illumination increases the safety of vehicles, bikers, and pedestrians.

A surge suppressor (sometimes optimistically called a “surge protector”) is a device that plugs into alternating current (AC) utility and/or telephone lines to prevent voltage “spikes” called transients from causing electrical equipment damage. Outdoor Streetlight with Surge Protector is necessary because power surges can occur at any time and no one is prepared for a powerful surge. Given that power surges can occur at any time, there is no need to worry about damaging electronics with a surge protector.